It's fair to share

Fair Car Rent's mission is to create an honest and trustworthy place where both owners and renters can trade fairly and with confidence. Hence the idea of Fair Car Rent. By carefully vetting all of our users and running checks on the owner's vehicles, we can offer people car sharing that works for everyone, with complete confidence.

Is your car qualified?

FairCarRent was founded in 2018 by three directors from the coffee industry. We started FairCarRent because we all had bad experiences when it came to renting a car in southern Spain. When traveling in the area, we experience opaque rental prices on car rental websites.

Usually the price was not the actual price and we experienced surprises and surcharges in the form of various insurance, fees, fuel charges, deposits, high chair rental fees, etc.

We found the process unmanageable and often ended up paying double for the car rental than the company had advertised on their website.


  • Your vehicle must be less than 13 years.
  • Is insured and has the ITV to the day? Your car should be legal and roadworthy.
  • It not belongs to any compañía.Entonces, great news: You can rent your vehicle!