Can I pay directly in the parking lot?

You can pay directly at the parking officer, we accept cash and all cards.

For your comfort and agility at the time of collection, we recommend paying on our website and thus take advantage of the 10% discount.

Remember that you can cancel your reservation without penalty up to 1 hour before the scheduled arrival time.

How long before should I be at the airport?

Hay que tener en cuenta el tiempo de recorrido hasta el aeropuerto y el tiempo de facturación y embarque. Se recomienda llegar al aeropuerto con 3 horas de antelación si se viaja con equipaje facturado. Si no se lleva equipaje facturado, con 2 horas de antelación es suficiente.

Where is the meeting point at the airport?

The meeting point for T1 is:

-Express parking in front of the Vueling gate (Departures area).

Meeting point for T2 is:

- Parking Express just under the bridge, in front of the Miro mural.

For your convenience, we recommend calling the transfer service once you have collected all your bags.

How to get to the parking?

We have multiple options, we recommend you visit our Locations section:

How to get to the parking

What is the Valet service?

Valet Parking or valet parking service is the best way to get directly to the terminal door, do not worry about where to park or make long journeys on foot (sometimes with suitcases and stairs involved).

The Valet service will be waiting for you right in front of the terminal door to pick up your car and take it to the secure parking lot, on the way back and after collecting your luggage you call us and we will leave the car right where we picked it up.

Let's see what wikipedia tells us:

The term "valet parking" probably first appeared in the 1930s in the United States, where the shortage of parking spaces in cities such as New York, Chicago and San Francisco (California) triggered its growth, however, nowhere The demand for this service grew as much as in Los Angeles (California), where using the valet parking service became a popular form of service, the oldest photographic records show Hollywood stars throwing their keys to servers of this guild. (Wikipedia source)

I have not received the confirmation email Park and Greet

Some email providers have very strict filters and it may be that our mail does not arrive correctly (Gmail1, Hotmail and the like).

In these cases you can request your confirmation email using our channels:



Telegram tg://msg?to=34611163133